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Each release of JUnit PDF Report comes with three

The distributions are available from the
file release system

The essentials distribution

This is the plug and play
distribution. It comes loaded with the neccessary libraries and
requires no configuration.
If you already have a build script that generates JUnit
HTML reports, you can just plug in a junitpdfreport
target with the same settings as your junitreport target.

You only have to follow these simple steps.

The binary distribution

Choose this distribution if you want to
add your own extensions to the PDF report, or if you want to use it
with a different FOP version.
The binary distribution is more flexible, but requires some

Again, you only have to follow these simple steps.

The source distribution

With this distribution, it's all in your
hands. You get the source, and if you follow these instructions,
you're ready to go. The source distribution allows you to build the
binary and essentials distribution.

Release history

Release Quality JUnit Ant Fop

release ≥ 4.0 ≥ 1.7 ≥ 0.92
0.9 beta ≥ 4.0 ≥ 1.7
≥ 0.92
0.8 alpha ≥ 4.0 ≥ 1.7
≥ 0.92
0.7 alpha ≥ 4.0 ≥ 1.7
≥ 0.92
0.6 release ≥ 3.8 ≥ 1.6.2

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