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Getting started

Using JUnit PDF Report essentials

The fastest method to integrate JUnit PDF Report into your project, is by using the essentials distribution.
This distribution contains everything you need, including dependencies.

You need: 

A working copy of Ant with JUnit support.

The JUnit PDF Report essentials distribution installed somewhere on your computer.

Creating your report:

Add this line to your Ant build.xml script:

<import file="/path/to/build-junitpdfreport.xml"/>

(/path/to/ is the location where you installed JUnit PDF Report essentials distribution)

Add this target to your Ant build.xml script:

<target name="testreport-pdf">
  <junitpdfreport todir="." styledir="default"> 
    <fileset dir="/location/to/your/junit/xml/testresults"> 
      <include name="TEST-*.xml"/> 


(/location/to/your/junit/xml/testresults is the location where your junit test results are)

From the command prompt, run:

> ant testreport-pdf

You will find the PDF report in your project base directory.


Release 0.6 is the last release for JUnit 3.8 / Ant 1.6 support.

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