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Release charter

This document describes the release process for this project.

It is not meant to be a how-to or a have-to, but as a checklist with actions
that will help to get an open release process.

The actions do not have to be performed in the order as they appear in the list,
but it is recomended that at least the first three steps are performed upon
release inititiation.


Generate a new version number

The standard action is to increment the minor version number (e.g. from 


Only when there are backward compatibility issues, or there is a major change
to the current release,

we will increment the major version number.

Upload a copy of the release checklist to the project's documentation

The checklist template can be found on this page.

The list should at least have a version number, a list of open bugs and an
initial action plan before it's uploaded to the DocManager.

Create a new document group in the document manager before submitting the checklist.

Group name convention: release JUNITPDFREPORT_X_X (e.g. release JUNITPDFREPORT_0_3).

Filename convention: release_checklist_junitpdfreport_X_X.html (e.g. release_checklist_junitpdfreport_0_3.html).

Document name convention: release_checklist_junitpdfreport_X_X (e.g. release_checklist_junitpdfreport_0_3).

Description convention: Release checklist for JUNITPDFREPORT_X_X (e.g. Release checklist for JUNITPDFREPORT_0_3).

The DocManager is here.

Announce intentions to the develop mailing list

Send a mail to the develop mailing list (
with your intentions.

The mail should contain the version number and a link to the checklist.

Update the STATUS file

Reflect the changes to the project in the STATUS file, and commit it to the CVS.

Update the SourceForge bug tracking system

The SourceForge bug tracking system is here.

  • Change the label of the next milestone to current release (e.g. JUNITPDFREPORT_0_2 [current release]).
  • Add the next milestone (e.g. JUNITPDFREPORT_0_3 [next milestone]).

Do the same for the Support Request tracker and Patches tracker.

Address open bugs

Open bugs either need:

  • a resolution
  • to be closed
  • to be reassigned to a next release

Run, validate and publish test suite

Run the ant test target

> ant test

The test suite should complete successful.

Post the test results to the project's web site, under the tests directory.

Filename convention: junit.pdf.

The DocManager is here.


Tag the files in CVS with the new release number.

Tag name convention: JUNITPDFREPORT_X_X (e.g. JUNITPDFREPORT_0_3).

Run a vote

Send a mail to the develop mailing list (
to vote for release quality.

Please vote on the release quality of release JUNITPDFREPORT_X_X.
The quality of this release should be:
[ ] Alpha
[ ] Beta
[ ] Release quality

The release will have the quality of the lowest rating given by a committer.

Generate and publish a release distribution

Run the ant build target

> ant build

Create release notes and change log.

Upload release to SourceForge
release system.

Create a checksum and signature for source, bin and essentials distribution:

md5sum >
gpg --armor --output 

md5sum >
gpg --armor --output 

md5sum >
gpg --armor --output 

gpg -a --export <your sourceforge > KEYS_X_X

You need to create a gpg signature before you can sign the release.

More info on using gpg can be found here.

Upload the .zip.md5, .zip.asc and KEYS file to the release.

All releases should be public, unless committers decide by vote that the
release has severe quality issues.

Announce the release on Project news

Submit  release announcement to SourceForge

The rules for creating news are here.
Please check them before posting the news.

Announce new releases on freshmeat and LinuxLinks open source repositories.


Keep all release documents up-to-date while releasing.

Post information on all activities to the develop mailing list (

Iterate (steps of) the action plan until we can release a version with
Alpha, Beta or Release quality.

JUnit PDF Report release checklist



  • [ ] Generate new version number
  • [ ] Upload release checklist to document manager
  • [ ] Announce intentions to develop mailing list
  • [ ] Update STATUS file
  • [ ] Update bug tracking system
  • [ ] Address open bugs
  • [ ] Run, validate and publish test suite
  • [ ] Tag CVS
  • [ ] Run vote
  • [ ] Generate, publish, release distribution

Open bugs

  • [ ] bug1: subject
  • [ ] bug2: subject

Action plan

  • [ ] Tackle open bugs
  • [ ] Build and test release
  • [ ] ...

For project administrators, an empty template is available here.

Copy it's html contents as a starting point for a new checklist.

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